planted some more broccoli in pots and charged some batteries…

2008 08 01
…planted some more broccoli in pots and charged some batteries
…started walking to the dimba carrying the “urea” I had “made” last night and got stopped and asked about the “natural liquid fertilizer” I was carrying and somewhat awkwardly explained that I mixed the “urea” with ash to neutralize the pH & then put it on my dimba
…also was collecting cow manure and some young kids saw me doing it and asked if they could help. Together we filled the bag in no time. I felt like I was really a PCV at that moment where as yesterday people had been calling me muzungu more then usual as I had brought my big hiking backpack to the BOMA the last couple times
…watered everything and picked some more lettuce and a little spinach
…had my 3rd salad and some lentils & brown rice then started reading “the quincunx”

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