The obvious obscurity

What am I going to do today when today is almost over and almost gone?
When today is a replication of other days spent trying some fruitless attempt at being useful. 
Why do those who have infinite ideas fail while success comes easily from those who play by the game set forth by no one, least of all they.
I know this may be hard for no one to understand, but no one is listening to our plea not to have to plea.
It is silent, your indifference, but it is heard loud and clear all the same because that is how indifference is played out.
But the ramifications indifference has make – and have made countless times before – nothing all that much closer to a reality
So how to proceed?
How to seek comfort from like minded nobodies, keeping in mind that they are alike because they are nobody and they have also failed?
Why seek them out?
Why can’t we, we that are like I save for location and how they got to be like I, be we?
The obvious obscurity is that, if the collective I learned this crucial skill, we would no longer fall into this category.
The category we long not to be the last of.
-Aaron E-J

While what is remains hidden in plain sight from your mind

Some freak occurrence sends you, me us, flying, together, to another realm,
Each in their own shared world of isolation,
Right here…
Recovered what never was, and therefore still remains unrecoverable,
While what is remains hidden in plain sight from your mind,
Masked by the future we want,
The steps unachievable without finding what is,
Now is all there ever was and will be,
But now changes…
Change is what makes life, life, but it does not make life lively without interaction of other lifelike things that cannot be proven to be alive,
Or can they?
For what is life but the exchange of conscious entities?
If there were but one entity, life would not exist, change would not exist, and I would not exist.
But I do, and forever will.
-Aaron E-J

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see?
Do you see what I see?
Some words,
Some words,
Some real chinyanja words,
Which when I’ve learned,
Will help me seek,
The end to poverty,
For knowledge is the key to life,
To winning in this game,
And if I bring this power now,
Combine it with the friendship here,
The world will look a new,
Will see that what is needed now,
Is knowledge and much love,
We do not need to fight or hate,
Just work in harmony,
The nations that are growing strong,
Have schools that teach the facts,
Where education tends to lack then hardship does abound,
But here is just the place to start,
This global change for good,
And if I have the strength to lead,
It will happen very soon.-Aaron E-J

Think in Color I Didn’t Used To

From your being comes great lust,
But little color.
Once I try it,
Love flies away from me,
Accidents happen but good things grow,
From you, being disadvantaged brings strength,
Courage triumphs over what I hate,
Nothing can stop me now.
-A poem I found all crumpled up in the depths of my backpack which I believe was created in one of my acting classes in a free flow exercise in which each person went around saying a word that popped into their head. Kind of cool what individuals acting for a common goal can product.

My country ’tis of thee,
Once land of liberty,
Of thee I sing,
Land where more sons have died,
Out of this blinding pride,
How many times we cried:
Make freedom ring!

My native country, thee,
Our land comes at a fee,
Where do our taxes go,
Far from our native hills,
To Middle Eastern bills,
My heart with growing chills,
Wants this to change.

Let music swell the breeze
And ring from all the trees,
A song that will just seize,
All peoples needed pleas,
Let voices ring aloud,
What they have just avowed,
Sing true and strong.

A song shall always be,
A song of liberty,
Which we can sing.
It should be very bright,
Look in a brand new light,
Then with a great delight,
Change will have come.
-Aaron E-J

Its turkey day,
Give thanks for what?
When we invaded earth,
Our arms do reach so far and so wide,
And some do try to flee,
And some do try to fight,
It is those who fight,
Like we once did,
That make the disarray,
This hysteria to kill and cry,
Can only come to end,
When knowledge of a better path,
Moves toward wider respect.
-Aaron E-J

What most people don’t know, is that everyone else knows it. Therefore, to become more knowledgeable is to become more of a minority. That said, minorities, as a group, make up the majority.
-Aaron E-J

Sometimes when the goings hard the ambiguity abounds,
It seems to be impossible to strive and reach your goals,
And harder this becomes when your goals are not that clear,
If you focus on a task you set and it never leaves your site,
The goal will be fleshed out at last and finally you will see,
How your aim will best be reached or else the options near,
Then lay aside your other tasks and focus on this one,
Don’t look at the other things that you could do instead,
They’d only take up time and now is not when time you have,
Focus on the distant hill; this is where achievement lies,
Achievements are the points in life, the ultimate in game,
Which can be played forever without ever getting board.
-Aaron E-J

So much I should have done,
So much I didn’t do,
So much ahead of me,
Where will time go?

In this short space of time,
Finite can be achieved,
The best that we can hope,
Is for success,

But what I want to think,
Is that we can control,
What we will try to do,
In one sort space,

Some spacing is for long,
Some time is really short,
But when we know its length,
We can proceed,

To try and carry out,
The task we hope to do,
The charge which we do place,
On to our selves,

Through math and randomness,
Through which we interact,
Forward is where we move,
Achieving goals,

These goals become the blocks,
From which we build our life,
Work to improve our skills,
So we can learn,

Time is a moving spiral,
That we create through life,
When we do interact,
Our essence forms.
-Aaron E-J

Refills expired,
Action required,
How do we get it now?
Probably there’s paperwork,
Which means it takes some time,
To do the things that are needed,
And get the order filled,
Arg how I can’t stand paperwork,
Who invented it was dumb,
It probably was the government,
They never get things done.
-Aaron E-J