Its turkey day,
Give thanks for what?
When we invaded earth,
Our arms do reach so far and so wide,
And some do try to flee,
And some do try to fight,
It is those who fight,
Like we once did,
That make the disarray,
This hysteria to kill and cry,
Can only come to end,
When knowledge of a better path,
Moves toward wider respect.
-Aaron E-J

What most people don’t know, is that everyone else knows it. Therefore, to become more knowledgeable is to become more of a minority. That said, minorities, as a group, make up the majority.
-Aaron E-J

Sometimes when the goings hard the ambiguity abounds,
It seems to be impossible to strive and reach your goals,
And harder this becomes when your goals are not that clear,
If you focus on a task you set and it never leaves your site,
The goal will be fleshed out at last and finally you will see,
How your aim will best be reached or else the options near,
Then lay aside your other tasks and focus on this one,
Don’t look at the other things that you could do instead,
They’d only take up time and now is not when time you have,
Focus on the distant hill; this is where achievement lies,
Achievements are the points in life, the ultimate in game,
Which can be played forever without ever getting board.
-Aaron E-J

So much I should have done,
So much I didn’t do,
So much ahead of me,
Where will time go?

In this short space of time,
Finite can be achieved,
The best that we can hope,
Is for success,

But what I want to think,
Is that we can control,
What we will try to do,
In one sort space,

Some spacing is for long,
Some time is really short,
But when we know its length,
We can proceed,

To try and carry out,
The task we hope to do,
The charge which we do place,
On to our selves,

Through math and randomness,
Through which we interact,
Forward is where we move,
Achieving goals,

These goals become the blocks,
From which we build our life,
Work to improve our skills,
So we can learn,

Time is a moving spiral,
That we create through life,
When we do interact,
Our essence forms.
-Aaron E-J

Refills expired,
Action required,
How do we get it now?
Probably there’s paperwork,
Which means it takes some time,
To do the things that are needed,
And get the order filled,
Arg how I can’t stand paperwork,
Who invented it was dumb,
It probably was the government,
They never get things done.
-Aaron E-J

The closer time is to right now, the faster it moves. Things happen quickly just after they have happened, but after enough following events have taken place, time spreads out. Time (or history [and to some extent the future]) really happens in spurts, you don’t remember, or reminisce about, an entire event from start to completion, you remember moments throughout it. That is not to say that it is not possible to remember every aspect of an event, it is just moments are what you look fondly, or regrettably upon.

Why are you fighting in this war,
It only makes them bomb you more,
Two wrongs do not make right,
They only make us stand and fight.
To end the evil that plagues us now,
Own up for what we disavow,
Try to see the other side,
So that more people haven’t died,
We need to always realize,
That if we can compromise,
And not impose just our belief,
We will not face nearly the grief,
Before we tip beyond correction,
Instead can move the right direction,
The change will come in leaps in bounds,
When no one sticks to just their grounds,
Collaboration shall take place,
And what remains will fill the space,
With hope and love,
With branch and dove,
And not this pointless war.
-Aaron E-J

Because 12 inches is a foot to far,
English measurement is so bizarre,
The world laughs at how dumb we are,
Even though we think we’re class,
We really have the foot up our ass…
-Not the best rhyme, can someone else do better?
-Aaron E-J

Run like the wind in the sand and the stars,
Is what we do when we sleep,
We are so happily mournfully glad,
As we turn every bend of the way,
That our journey never ends,
Only pauses during day,
To wait for the slumber that will come.
-Aaron E-J

Where does time go?
Well it’s made out of snow,
The more that you pack it,
The more you can throw,
And the weight of your leverage,
Can just only grow,
So that before long,
You’ll be raking in dough,
To be spent on that something,
That you only know.
-Aaron E-J

Stainless steel isn’t cheap,
And so I need to plan,
Thinking is the easy part,
But creation stands the test,
I cannot fail,
But need to work,
To get my div III pasted,
The road is long,
And time is short,
So the answer need be speed…
-Aaron E-J

Dreaming of a wire on a block of wood,
That encircles all the squirrels in this place called earth,
That we inhabit and call our own,
I am trying to just formulate a plan to carry out,
Involving every birch bark scrap that comes before my eyes,
And since these things are flammable,
I need to work with care,
Making sure they spark with ease,
Is simple when I dream,
I wish these actions could translate,
Into my waking life,
Right now I need to be content,
And separate my dreams,
With what I do when I’m awake,
For the laws of dream,
Though sometimes seeming similar,
To all I do awake,
Are complexly really simpler,
Than my random sleep.
-Aaron E-J